Spring Cleaning: Get A Green Thumb (GOOD.is)

It’s planting time again. Here are some quick hints from our friends at GOOD on how to do it with less water, your own dirt, and just all around better. Check it out and let us know your spring planting plans.GOOD.is


Apr 21
2:43 pm

Would you die if Knoxville got nuked?

When was the last time you wondered to yourself, “self, I wonder if I would die if someone decided to bomb Knoxville.”  Well, wonder no more.  This site lets you virtually bomb your city of choice.  They are even so kind as to offer you a handful of bombs to drop with varying degrees of power.  Prepare as you will.

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Apr 9
4:31 pm
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What grade does your bank get?

So the Rainforest Action Network and Sierra Club just released the latest mountaintop removal financing report card, Policy and Practice.  The well designed report card grades ten of the world’s largest banks according to their financing of MTR coal mining projects and their lending policies (and how well they stick to them)

So how does your bank do?  What are you willing to do about it?

Check out the full report here.

My bank got a grade I would have hid from my parents, so now what?
1.  Write them a strongly worded letter (an actual paper letter) letting them know your disapproval.
2.  Go into your bank and close your account (letting them know why your leaving).  Then take your money into a better bank funding what you care about (and let them know why you came).
3.  Increase your hipster cred by making fun of your friends who still bank at the “huge corporate bastards that are killing our mountains just to feed their addictions to dirty energy and the poor man’s buck” (then ride away on your fixie pensively listening to Grizzly Bear on your 1 Gen iPod).

***Thanks to the awesome folks at the Rainforest Action Network and Sierra Club for doing this.  A special thanks is also owed to GOOD.is for letting us know about this.

Apr 9
2:32 pm
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Good Buy: Awesome poster, Epic cause

In another awesome bout of people creating products that create good, designer Max Erdenberger, created this killer poster. Buy one and help Japan recover.

Japan Poster

Thanks for the awesome folks over at GOOD.is for letting us know about this.

Want more ways to help? Check here or here.


Mar 13
8:27 pm

"It’s so hard to forget pain, but it’s even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace."

Chuck Palahniuk, Diary (via quote-book)

(via thespiritwithinme)


Mar 13
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Mar 8
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Good Idea: Spent - A Homeless Game

The Urban Ministries of Durham, a non-profit based in North Carolina, created SPENT, an online game that guides users the daily choices homeless members of the community have to face.

The game is well designed and very straight foreword.  It take just a few (8-12) minutes to wander through the choices that you have to make to “make it through the month.

Great marketing idea.

HOW WE FOUND IT: http://mashable.com/2011/02/08/spent-homeless-game/


Mar 7
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Good Question: Should creationism be taught in TN schools?

Over at GOOD.is they just posted this:

The Nine States Where Evolution Education is in Trouble

9 States

Faced with a new law that attempts to install creationism into Tennessee public school curriculums, Scientific American has revived an old map detailing where in America people are battling to keep religious doctrine out of science education.

Newly updated is Tennessee, of course, and Ohio, where, in January, the Mount Vernon City Schools Board of Education fired a middle school teacher for teaching creationism.

Click here to read about the rest.

So, we want to knox what YOU think:

Take our ONE question survey and let us know!

Mar 6
4:30 pm
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Used Book Sale

Every year the Knox County Public Library hosts a used book sale.

Prices rarely reach over $2 and they offer a unique selection of books, movies, magazines, and music. The have specials on most days like buy one get one free or half price days.

And the best part is, all of the proceeds go to the library!

The sale starts today, Saturday, March 5th but opens to the public on Sunday at 1 pm.

The sale will be in the Convention Center downtown under the Holiday Inn.

Cheap books & good cause.

Mar 5
4:31 pm

Good Post: Progressive thoughts on TN & Knox

Our friends over at The Sunsphere is Not A Wigshop just wrote an interesting post with some progressive thoughts on Knoxville.

Read it, and then let us know what thoughts you have on how to act on it.  We will be posting the good ideas as they come in.

Email us @: GoodKnoxBlog@gmail.com



Mar 4
4:31 pm
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Good stuff from UT.  Great idea.


UT students raise funds for Haiti by reselling donated prom dresses (via knoxnews)

The Give Haiti Hope group, organized by University of Tennessee students, collected used formal dresses with the help of Prestige Cleaners. A fund raiser will be held on February 26 where the dresses will be sold to benefit a village in Boucan Carre’ Haiti.


Mar 4
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Have AT&T? Sorry, but here is 1000 free min.

AT&T Deathstar

     AT&T is offering a free consolation prize for still using their service.  All you
     have to do is text “yes” to 1111320.  You will get a confirmation text that
     thanking you and letting you know that it will take up to 4 weeks to get your
     “free rollover min.”  Enjoy.


Feb 14
4:30 pm

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